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At Transrail, high masts come with an advanced raising and lowering gear system that is designed for large road lighting at busy interjections or where busy highways or expressways merge or intersect. The high masts are also used for other applications in factories, airports, ports, oil installations, shipping terminals, bus terminals, toll plazas, parking areas etc.
Transrail High Masts are designed to be reliable, efficient and maintenance friendly, which would facilitate large area lighting, optimum lighting output, and easy replacement of the lamps without any hindrance to traffic flow. This system brings down the lamps along with the entire head assembly unit for lamp replacement.

Each of our products is specifically designed in-house to take into account wind conditions, soil conditions, lighting requirement and lighting load, tower weight and other variables to ensure delivery of the right product for the requirement.

Technical Specifications

We design and manufacture high masts with the best in class material and specifications.

  • Fabricated from the best high tensile steel, conforming to ASTM, BSEN, BIS and ISO (9001:2015, 14001:2015 and 45001:2018) standards or customer specifications, and are sourced in the form of coils (rolls) that are carefully uncoiled, cold cut and sheared by CNC machines ensuring accurate finishes – unlike  hot – cutting process, precludes the development of stresses in the plate.
  • Made of dovetailed segments that are continuously tapered, typically having 20-sided polygonal cross section. We can design and manufacture segments up to 14 m in length without any circumferential weld.
  • The bottom segment has carefully designed base plates and strengthening gussets as per the IS2062 and IS226 standards or customer specifications. A vandal resistant, weather proof and lockable door is also provided at the mast base for easy access for maintenance and operation.
  • Lantern carriages are specially designed as per luminaire combinations and are normally made from ERW tubes that completely enclose the luminaire connecting wires. Specially designed mounting is made for the junction box and luminaire CG boxes.
  • The head frame capping section also houses the pulley system provided with guides and stops to guide the wire ropes.
  • All fabricated mast sections are hot dip galvanized in a 14.3 m galvanizing bath in single dip ensuring the galvanization thickness is as per BS EN ISO (9001:2015, 14001:2015 and 45001:2018) standards 1461 or the customer specifications.
  • The pulley-system, an extremely critical component consists of sets of pulley – wheels accurately casted from LM6 alloy, with special self-lubricated bush-bearings and mounted though SS shafts.
  • Wire-ropes are made of stainless steel – the dia, strand and core combination is designed as per the load and is carefully terminated with factory fitted copper alloy talurits and steel thimbles to ensure perfect and stable terminations and trouble-free operation life long.
  • A heavy duty winch, powered with a motor, and with the provision for manual operation is made completely self-sustaining. It has accurately grooved double-drum, which ensures perfect jerk-free coiling and uncoiling of wire-rope during raising and lowering of lantern carriage during maintenance.
  • EPR/PCP sheathed copper trailing cable with heavy-duty plug-socket arrangement designed as per the electrical load ensures a problem free life.
  • Foundation bolts, anchor plates and hardware are carefully designed and selected from the best material by our structural designers, ensuring a safe working throughout its life.
  • Latching and centering mechanism can also be provided on need basis. 


Standard Specifications

We deliver customized high masts up to 60 m. The details of the standard specifications that we generally offer are given below.



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